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  • ACTIVISM – Maxim Magazine Feature, Hong Kong

    Date: 2006.05.06 | Category: Politics: Activism, Politics: All Posts | Response: 4

    Following our stunts around the territory as International Action, Maxim Magazine did a splendid photo shoot and interview with us about our activism. If only I could read what was written…

    activism - maxim1

    activism - maxim2 - click to view

  • ACTIVISM – Minimum Wage, Hong Kong

    Date: 2006.05.01 | Category: Politics: Activism, Politics: All Posts | Response: 2

    On May Day 2006, as part of local activist group International Action, we dismantled a huge, inflatable McDonald’s advertisement dominating Hong Kong’s harbour. We were highlighting the lack of minimum wage in the territory and made the front pages – including the main broadsheet. Fast food chain worker’s are generally paid from around HK$15 an hour.

    McDonald’s sued for criminal damage, Matt Pearce was sentenced to 3 months in prison.


    activism - mcdonalds2

    activism - mcdonalds1 – Ming Pao front page, click to view


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