Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

EVENTS – 10,000+ ‘attending’ KONY 2012 HK ‘Night Sweep’ 5

Late tomorrow night, young people – mostly from international schools in Hong Kong – will hit the streets for a KONY 2012 ‘Night Sweep’. The Facebook event is remarkable in itself in that over 43,000 people have been invited and over 10,000 have clicked ‘attending’.

Schools across the city have nominated ‘leaders’ – if it works, it’ll be a master-stroke of coordination and a rare instance of Hong Kongers engaging in an international issue which bears little bearing on local lives. Whether or not we will actually awake to a city indiscriminately plastered with a (surely now redundant)  ‘awareness campaign’ is another matter…

(**Update** The Facebook event was deleted hours after the event start-time passed)

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