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BLOG – Hong Kong Makes Tacocopter Internet Meme a Reality 14

Last night, somewhere in an old factory in Kwun Tong, the Tacocopter dream became a reality. The Stephen Colbert-approved  internet meme imagines a robotic unmanned drone which can be called upon via a smartphone app to deliver Mexican food on demand…

Uw6P5.jpg (606×347)

Invented by Scott Torborg, Dustin Boyer & Star Simpson, the Night of the Tacocopter was full of promise
“Fuelled by guacamole dispensed with 1-microlitre accuracy on a converted and mostly-solder-paste-free SolarPocketFactory and lubricated with tequila ejected with a 60 psi blast cannon. Flanked by a flotilla of tortilla hovercraft. Under the watchful gaze of taco suns hanging from the ceiling. We will make history. Or, at the very least, a mess of historic proportions.”

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