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BLOG – No Sex Please, We’re Hong Kongers 5

….so says an AFP article published this week.

Professor Emil Ng at the HKU Family Institute claims that Hong Kongers have the ‘least amount of sexual knowledge in the world’. Sex experts are apparently urging citizens to have more sex and overcome the challenges of privacy in our cramped city.

Financial pressure, careers, limited space and high rents mean HK has a very low birthrate of 1.04 births per woman. It remains common for residents to live at home well into their 20s and 30s as few can afford to move out earlier. This, of course, gives rise to the local phenomena of hourly hotels, which are much more than the prostitution dens many outsiders believe them to be.

BLOG – Tasteless Campaign from HK’s Society for Abandoned Animals 4

Society for Abandoned Animals in Hong Kong commissioned this unsavoury campaign from NY-based ad agency Draftfcb.

 “During peak hours, real size dead pet stickers were placed on the ground of outdoor car parks where abandoned pets will likely be wandering around. When a vehicle stopped by, we actually created the visual impact of an animal being hit down.”

How lovely.

Click for larger version

EVENT – Shots & Coverage from HK’s Pillow Fight Day 2012 3

Full gallery of shots from International Pillow Fight Day 2012, held in Statue Square on March 31st…

Other media coverage:


Video compilation coming soon. In the meantime, here is Edwin Lee’s epic Go-Pro mash up…

Click here for details and coverage of the 2011 event. 

BLOG – The Portland Street ‘Ethnic Hierarchy’ 1

The commodification of women, ordered by ethnicity, in this five-year-old photo taken in Mongkok. According to Flickr, the sign translates as…

‘Northern girl with big tits.’ 250.
‘Young local girl’. 250.
‘White skinned Malay’. 180.
‘Hot and spicy Filipina’. 200.
‘Raving wild [foreign] ghost sister’. 500.

uJT4il.jpg (454×640)

BLOG – Louis Vuitton’s Pretentious Corporate Claptrap 3

Louis Vuitton reckons Hong Kong is a delicate, whispering woman shrouded in wanderlust and charm… Though if the Capital of Capitalism is anything, it’s a rich, elderly Chinese bloke shrouded in smog.

This cringe-worthy, face-palm inducing soft-focus two minutes of patronising claptrap uses “gender as a lens to interpret” the city, so say PR goons… In fact, high-end fashion brands paying multi-million dollar rents are effectively killing the very city LV glorifies.

At least they avoided the ‘city of contrasts’ cliché… Ah shit.

okplq.gif (317×231)