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EVENT – ‘Bankers vs Lawyers’ Fundraiser Quiz 1

Some of Hong Kong’s top lawyers and bankers will be temporarily taking on human form to partake in the 2012 ICM ‘Bankers vs Lawyers’ Quiz this Friday. It will be hosted, very strictly, by the very author of this blog. There are 5 rounds expertly designed to challenge the mental agility of the city’s finest legal and financial minds.

Topics shall include: Hong Kong, the Philippines (where ICM operates), Movies, TV Themes and a special Law and Finance round. The losing table will officially be ‘on detention’ and thus severely punished!

The evening runs from 5:30pm-7:30pm with the quiz at 6pm. It costs $40,000 to take part but you can join in yourselves at the back, cheer on your ‘favourite’ law firm/bank or simply prey witness to the inevitable humiliation if yours truly. The bar is open as usual so you can just have a drink or two OR you can pay $200 for unlimited food and drink!
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ICM is a fantastic sustainable, grass-roots poverty alleviation effort based in HK. The event is about raising money ($2million, hopefully) for the scholarship programmes – aiming to empower 5,000 disadvantaged children to cover the prohibitive expenses of ‘free’ public school. The charity and those it helps appreciate all and any donations.

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