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POLITICS – A Meta-Protest in Hong Kong & the ‘818 Incident’

Yesterday, 300 people demonstrated against declining freedom of speech and civil liberties in a ‘protest about protests’ which called upon HK Police Commissioner Andy Tsang to resign. Tsang has faced calls to quit ever since the disastrous ‘818 Incident‘ last summer in which officers cracked down heavily upon student protesters and journalists during a visit by mainland vice-premier Li Keqiang.

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The entire city was on lockdown during his 3-day tour last August which saw demonstrators at HKU thrown to the ground and falsely imprisoned in stairwells. The Journalists Association accused the authorities of hampering media coverage whilst Asia Times Online claimed the university’s reputation had been severely damaged.

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Demonstrators nostalgic for colonial times

The Independent Police Complaints Council upheld 9 complaints concerning Li’s visit and two officers may be sacked after preventing NOW TV from filming the event. Li claims the officers obscured a camera with their hands as an instinctive ‘reaction to a shadow’.