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EVENT – Definitive Guide to 4 Essential Art Events this Week 11

ART HK is open to the public from Thursday through till Sunday – noon till 7pm (except Sunday, closing at 5pm). HK has no dedicated modern art museum, so – for lack of a Tate Modern or MoMA – this annual exhibition is an important fixture for local art fans. Appropriately for the city, it is a pretty-much even split between Asian and Western galleries.

Coverage will begin tomorrow on Hong Wrong (which has been granted preview/backstage access and has undergone a design fix to allow for higher resolution photos!)

Tickets are available on the door at $250 or through HK Ticketing. A visit of several hours is required to take in everything though it’s best to enjoy the show in two separate outings (1 floor for each visit) –┬áTime Out Magazine has an excellent floor map here (full resolution versions here)…