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BLOG – The Weird World of HK Milk Advertising 9

There is a smattering of faux-outrage kicking off amongst local and Filipino netizens this week over a Hong Kong TV ad for Kowloon Dairy.

The advert, created by agency Leo Burnett, makes for a sad political commentary on the realities of middle-class parenting in high-pressure HK and the outsourcing of child-care. However, it’s the somewhat caricatured portrayal of a supposedly foreign domestic maid which is raising eyebrows. The actress appears to be Chinese (but with make-up and a ill-fitting wig), whilst pretty much all of the city’s helpers are Indonesian or Filipino.

Here’s Lillian Leong, boss of said advertising agency, spouting some nonsense about ‘satire’…

“We have lots of working mums in Hong Kong,” she said. “In a lot of cases that we heard, babies and kids are getting very close to the maids, moreso than the moms. I think our story is rooted with very deep insights about life in Hong Kong, and twisted with humor. We have no intention to satirise the maids.” Campaign China

Why board room PR-goons thought that often-irrational-parental-fears-over-their-child’s-loyalty would sell more cow juice remains a mystery…