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POLITICS – Occupy Hong Kong a Bit Embarrassing, Asked to Leave. 5

The police and GovHK have won a mini-victory by effectively ignoring the protest camp underneath HSBC HQ ever since its inception more than 6 months ago. Unlike in other countries, Occupiers have been allowed to continue their demonstration unhindered, and so the media spotlight never returned to the camp after their 1-month milestone passed.

However, Bloomberg now reports that HSBC themselves have finally snapped and asked the protesters to leave

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The inaction of the authorities is largely due to the fact that the space underneath HSBC is ‘privately managed public space’ – an arrangement which enables hundreds of domestic maids to occupy the area every Sunday…

via leela.net

via leela.net

Unfortunately, the HK movement has little in common with its sister occupations abroad. The grounds in Central are often strewn with pizza boxes, beer bottles and an array of incoherent banners and contraptions. Meanwhile, their message has been hijacked somewhat by a few angry Lehman Brothers minibond victims who are holding out for more compensation…