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PHOTOGRAPHY – A Peek Inside the New LEGCO Building 2

Central Government Complex, Tamar is the new location for the offices of GovHK. The design is said to be based on a mix of Chinese and Western architectural principles and a ‘low-frills’ international design.

9IUWL.jpg (640×358)

…The Star Trek-esque main chamber features a natural light funnel which directs daylight into the room, minimising the use of artificial light. The room is also lined with HD camera lighting…

tJ8s7.jpg (640×358)

…Construction began in 2009 and many parts of the complex are already functioning. There are three large sites – the LEGCO Block, Office Block  (mostly for government departments) and Low Block (office tower containing committee rooms, press room, offices of members of the LEGCO, as well as the office of the LEGCO President).