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POLITICS – Occupy HK Refuse to Speak to Media 5

Upset that the mainstream media won’t air/publish their “lengthy and heartfelt exchanges“, Hong Kong’s Occupy movement is refusing to speak to the press as they “cannot possibly distil what this movement is about“… As literally ones of people remain under HSBC, none of the news coverage this week touched on the what exactly the group were campaigning for/against.

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Voice of America reported that the remaining activists “…call themselves “anarchists” and refuse to talk to the media or engage in public debate. Instead, they spend hours surfing the web on Apple computers.” No doubt this will make as good an impression on locals as the empty KFC boxes and beer bottles strewn around the site.

ACTIVISM – £2420 ‘Arrest Blair’ Bounty Awarded 6

George Monbiot’s campaign awarded a bounty of £2,420.89 this week for my attempted arrest of Tony Blair in Hong Kong this summer. It comes on the day Desmond Tutu refused to share a platform with Blair in South Africa.

The sum will be converted to Hong Kong dollars and donated to: The Palestinian Centre for Human RightsDemocracy Now!West Sahara Resource WatchStudents for Justice in Palestine National Conference and others. Receipts to be published on my personal blog.

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