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HISTORY – Inside Central’s Abandoned Prison & Police Station, Hollywood Road 9

The old Central Police Station, Victoria Prison and the Central Magistracy are declared monuments located on Hollywood Road, Central. Originally developed in 1864, new blocks were added between 1910 and 1925. The Police Headquarters themselves were constructed in 1919. Below are some exclusive photos of what remains…

During World War II, the prison was occupied by the Japanese and most of the buildings were damaged by bombing. The prison was re-opened for use in 1946 after restoration…

MUSIC – Clockenflap 2012 tickets on sale. Azealia Banks Confirmed. 3

Clockenflap 2012 Tickets

Get your flaps on. Clockenflap Multimedia Arts & Music Festival returns in December with its biggest weekend yet of live music, film, art installations, digital arts and animation.

Advance weekend tickets start at HK$590 and are available now. The first wave of acts for this 5th festival have been announced…

“Joining us this December, UK indie gods Primal Scream, US hip hop legends De La Soul and Australian festival favourites Sneaky Sound System. Alongside these established stars, will be the cream of the new generation of international talent, including: Alt-J from England and Melbourne’s hotly tipped Chet Faker.”

Update: Brooklyn rap badass Azealia Banks has also been confirmed…

Local artists include 9 Maps, Chochukmo, Sandwich, Noughts and Exes, The Yours, Uptown Rockers and Dan F.

18,000 attended last year’s event with 25,000 expected this year. Food looks to have improved greatly this year with offerings from Pizza Express, The Globe, Linguini, Posto Pubblico and others.

Tickets this year will be available via on Sunday, October 10th.

Advanced tickets:
Adult Saturday: HK$390 / Students: $290
Adult Sunday: HK$390 / Students: $290
Adult Weekend: HK$590 (limited) / Students: HK$490 (limited)

On the door tickets (limited):
Adult Saturday: HK$490 / Students: HK$390
Adult Sunday: HK$490 / Students: HK$390

Students must provide ID and be full-time in local education. Children under 12: Free.

BLOG – Shut Up and Take My Money #7 1

I like my ice-cream like I like my instant coffee granules – freeze-dried. The astronaut-friendly desert is now available in Hong Kong…

“As you eat the sandwich, your mouth rehydrates the ice-cream, restoring it to its original taste. Amazingly, the ice-cream sandwich looks and tastes just like the original”

us3b9.jpg (620×380)

BLOG – The Ancient Super Volcano Beneath Victoria Harbour

A ‘new’ supervolcano has been discovered below Victoria Harbour – though, fear not, as it last erupted and fell into the ocean 140 million years ago. Photos below by Bobby Yip of Reuters (via National Geographic)…

epHnf.jpg (600×399)

Hong Kong’s Geotechnical Engineering and Development Department identified the 11-mile (1km) wide caldera late last month…

BLOG – Diagrams of Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers in Height Order 6

Our city has, by far, the highest number and density of skyscrapers in the world. It also beats New York to the same records in the category of ‘high-rises‘, which are defined slightly differently. As for the tallest, HK comes in 5th with the new ICC in Kowloon. details 405 buildings in Hong Kong, ordered by official height. Click the image below to enlarge…

Hong Kong's Tallest Buildings

Click to enlarge

PLACES – HK’s Best Beach, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay), Sai Kung 12

Arguably the most beautiful place in the territory, Tai Long Wan is a bay on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. The are four beaches along the bay – Sai Wan (West Bay), Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan (Big Bay) and Tung Wan (East Bay).

via Apple Daily

via Apple Daily

White sands and clear blue water await those willing to hike out from Sai Kung. Boats from town are available in the high season from under $200 each, otherwise a hike takes at least 90 minutes from the nearest road (accessible by green taxi). It is not to be confused with its namesakes on HK Island and Lantau.

BLOG – People Queue for Phone

Hundreds mindlessly gathered at the IFC over the weekend, some – at least – with the hope of making over HK$2000 by reselling new iPhones to local stores. With police on standby, blue uniformed Apple store assistants chanted “iPhone, iPhone” as shoppers were allowed in, one-by-one, at 8am Saturday (as depicted below)…

uMSPy.png (551×294)

In store, black 16 gigabyte models were available for HK$5,588 . But with sales restricted and pre-orders essential, around 100 grey market scalpers stood around the mall offering buyers HK$8,000 for their purchase.  The phones are then sold on for between HK$8,500 to HK$12,000 each, often in the mainland.

Video via M.I.C. Gadget