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PHOTOGRAPHY – ‘1 Year in Hong Kong’ by Brian Yen 4

Brian Yen has been photographing Hong Kong for six years. His long exposure series captures bright, cultural and festive scenes that epitomise the busy populated metropolis that is our city. He is planning a photobook depicting a year in HK.

More of his photography can be found on his Flickr page and click here for an earlier Hong Wrong post on his work which reflects a less glamorous side of the Big Lychee…

P4WEul.jpg (640×390)

wwUqUl.jpg (640×240)

ART – HK’s Got Talent! Paul Lung’s Amazingly Realistic Pencil Drawings 1

Who says our city is not creative? Hong Kong’s got talent (and integrity!) 38-year-old business design consultant Paul Lung admits that he ‘really loves drawing’ – having mastered the 2B pencil (and occasionally 4B), he refuses to sell his work or do commercial / commission-based projects. Lung particularly enjoys drawing cats and capturing people’s personalities in their pencil portraits.

See more of his work on his Facebook page or Deviant Art portfolio. Click here for his main portfolio page.

99WCll.jpg (640×640)

POLITICS – Citizens Left to Clean Beaches Still Brimming with Plastic Pellets 7

It has been left to the citizens to clean up the mess left by the plastic pellets spill back in June. 150 tons of snow-like plastic confetti was deposited in Hong Kong waters after a vessel was rocked by category 4 hurricane winds earlier in the year…

ZnP5E.jpg (608×405)

Environmentalist Tracey Read, NatGeo photo by Gary Stokes

aLnHjl.jpg (640×480)

The beads resemble fish eggs, making them a disaster for marine life and the environment…

POLITICS – New HK PSA: Shut Up and Love China 6

A new creepy Public Service Announcement encouraging Hong Kongers to “protect our treasured Motherland” is attracting ‘dislikes’ on YouTube. It contains the usual HK PSA tropes and themes following the standard format of ‘highly-contrived-family-conversation-in-a-park‘. Click here for more cringe-inducing government ads, and here for a trip down PSA memory lane.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Poverty, Age & Loneliness in HK: by Brian Yen 5

Brian Yen is planning a photobook depicting a year in Hong Kong – a book about birth and death in the most crowded place on Earth. Much of his work involves long exposure photography, but his series also uncovers a less glamorous and fast-paced side to HK. Scenes we are all familiar with yet rarely pay attention to – the invisible lives of the poor, elderly and the elderly working poor.

The collection below begins with someone almost all LKF-goers will recognise…

Sqr9nl.png (635×424)

27ZoY.png (636×425)

PHOTOGRAPHY – More Vintage Photos of Old Hong Kong 11

Below is a fascinating mixed bag of vintage photos of old Hong Kong.

See our other Hong Wrong historical galleries: The 1967 Riots, Before & After, When the MTR was New, Rare Kowloon Walled City shots and more.

dNssVl.jpg (640×428)

“Hot dog” buses, Tsim Sha Tsui, 1987.

WVcVn.jpg (604×415) A common sight near Kai Tak airport, 1998

VIDEO – The Life of a Hong Kong Tai Tai 8

Update 1: Blissfully unaware of the Streisand Effect, tycoon David Chor Ki-kwong and his Bel-air Tai Tai wife Gloria managed to triple the view count on their regrettable ‘Life of a Hong Kong Tai Tai’ video by taking legal action. Lorea Solabarrieta (who has worked for ABC, CNN, NHK and the ever-detestable CCTV) is behind the clip…

David Chor Ki-kwong has filed a writ in the High Court in a bid to have Life of a Hong Kong Tai Tai, a short documentary featuring his wife and family, removed from YouTube. He has asked for an injunction against its distribution, claiming CCTV journalist Lorea Solabarrieta had breached confidentiality. The 12-minute clip shows his wife showing off their Ferrari, having a pedicure and manicure, exercising in a gym and shopping at brand-name stores. It had few viewers for months until the media reported on the case. It has now been viewed more than 50,000 times. - SCMP

Update 2The couple won the case and the video has since been removed on grounds that the video was ‘embarrassing’, so reports the South China Morning Mouthpiece. Outside court, Solabarrieta said…

“I am fighting because it damages my integrity and reputation as a journalist. I don’t want to keep quiet… They are deliberately taking away my freedom by doing this… If you have something private, don’t say anything to journalists.”

What worrying precedent does this set for politicians or other people in the public eye who suddenly feel ‘embarrassed’ by news segments which they actually volunteered to be featured in? It is no coincidence that HK slid in global press freedom rankings last week.

In the spirit of journalistic freedom, you can watch the banned video below…

Life of a Hong Kong Tai Tai

Click to watch Life of a Hong Kong Tai Tai video (full screen)

Whilst the production errs on the side of mocking, it’s still difficult to muster much sympathy for self-confessed Tai Tai Gloria Chor. Despite the telling tears at the end, most would probably feel more sorry for their long-suffering maid.