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BLOG – Exclusive: Media Ethics Complaint Against Oriental Daily Upheld 5

The Hong Kong Journalist’s Association has ruled against the Oriental Daily (on.cc) after they published a picture of (and intrusive details surrounding) a child suicide in Hong Kong. For the full details of this case, click here for the original story. Bizarrely, the Press Council (another media self-regulatory body) found no violations of their code, despite clear contradictions.

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Judgement on Mr Grundy’s complaint against on.cc

On November 1, 2011, the Local News column of on.cc, an online edition of Oriental Daily News, carried a report on the suicide of a primary school pupil. In about 100 Chinese characters, the report described the suicide case and how the boy’s school carried out counselling for teachers and students. Along with the text was an 8 cm by 5.5 cm photograph showing the boy being treated, his face partially visible with bloodstains on his left cheek.

BLOG – Island Line Closed after Metal Debris Hits MTR Train Window 2

The blue Island Line was partially suspended this morning following what was rumoured to be a collision between Central and Sheung Wan station.  This led to further chaos at East Rail interchange station and service disruptions as the system coped with over-crowding.

The Twitter feed later reported that a piece of metal hit a train in the tunnel, smashing the driver’s window.

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The unofficial source blamed under-staffing and labour outsourcing.

There were no injuries. Information boards were erected in stations and replacement bus services were put into operation…

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