Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

VIDEO – HK’s Most Quaint & Delightful Public Service Ads from the 80s 13

Having previously showcased some of today’s most bizarre government ads, what better way to understand the Hong Kong Zeitgeist of yesteryear than exploring some old Public Service Announcements from HK’s colonial overseers…

KnXSU.png (433×273)

Ever been called a ‘stupid twit’ by your government? Let’s kick off with this Mr Bean-esque anti-litter ad…

ART – Photos from Fine Art Asia 2012 Exhibition 3

5hhIv.jpg (608×108)

Highlights from last night’s Fine Art Asia VIP preview below. Launching today at the Wanchai Exhibition Centre, the 8th annual art fair runs until Sunday, October 7th. Admission is HK$200, doors open 11am-7pm (6pm on Sunday). The Asia Contemporary Art Show also opens today at the Grand Hyatt next door with tickets from HK$100, closing 8pm daily until Sunday.

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