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BLOG – ‘Gweilo Moments’ Song by RTHK’s Steve James 9

A song about the SAR’s ex-patriots by RTHK Radio 3’s Steve James

Gweilo moments, silly situations,
Gweilo moments, all those small frustrations.
You’re standing in line, the bus is on time and you started boarding,
Someone jumps the queue and that when you start throwing a wobbly.
Gweilo moments, a blood-boiling-type tantrum,
Gweilo moments, usually no good reason.

Can’t get in the lift, I can’t quite make it but the guy sees me running,
I don’t stand a chance, he’s avoiding my glance as the lift doors are closing.
Gweilo moments, self-induced frustration,
Gweilo moments, tsz seen reputation.
Time after time, I’m all on my own,
Gweilo moments, a pointless moan.