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POLITICS – How Mitt Romney Raised $Millions in HK & Macau 4

There are around 1,100 American companies in HK employing 10% of the local workforce. There are also an estimated 60,000 Americans living in the city, many of whom have been eligible to vote by post in today’s US election.

Usually Americans who’ve escaped their homeland err on the side of sanity, mostly steering clear of the loony GOP (in-keeping with every country on the planet, bar Pakistan)… However, HK – financial hub and Capital of Capitalism™ that it is – remains a natural home-away-from-home for rich, old, white male Republicans-types…


via republicans-abroad.blogspot.hk

Whilst Tea Partiers, racists, nativists, social Darwinists, homophobes and right-wing evangelicals are thinner on the ground here, the GOP can still rely on the moneyed-ageing-ex-pat-banker demographic for support. And there is no shortage – hence, the official postcard campaign for Hong Kong’s ‘Republicans Abroad’…