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BLOG – A Very Hong Wrong 2013: Year in Review

A look back at 2013…

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Top 10 pages by traffic, 2013:

  1. Video Goes Viral As Woman Arrested for Slapping Kneeling Boyfriend.
  2. Inside a Bitcoin Mining Operation in Hong Kong
  3. Michael Wolf’s ‘Architecture of Density’.
  4. A Brief Visual History: HK’s Old Airport, Kai Tak
  5. A Brief Visual History: Kowloon Walled City
  6. HK’s Best Beach, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay), Sai Kung.
  7. Michael Wolf’s 100×100.
  8. HK’s Cheapest Mobiles: Top 4 Places.
  9. Rare Shots from Inside the Old Kowloon Walled City.
  10. Sexpo 2013: Photos from HK’s First ‘Asia Adult Expo’ [NSFW].

Top 10 picks, 2013:

  1. Kuk Po: HK’s Borderzone Ghost Town, Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3Part 4.
  2. The Standard vs. The Sub-Standard: Battle of the Logos.
  3. Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong: Photos from 1942, Beautifully Restored.
  4. Hong Kong’s Invisible Caged Poor: Mini Sculptures by Kwong Chi Kit.
  5. Tung Ping Chau: HK’s Wild Jumanji Island Part 1, Part 2Part 3.
  6. The Official Hong Kong Hiking Drinking Game.
  7. Giant Duck Contracts Lung Cancer in Harbour; has Existential Crisis, Part 2.
  8. If Everyone Lived at the Same Density as Hong Kongers.
  9. How Hong Kong Was Made: Iconic Buildings Under Construction.
  10. Domestic Helper Photo Project: ‘Why Do You Do What You Do’.


In the arts, Hong Wrong visited the 2013 Affordable Art FairArt BaselAsia Contemporary Art Show Asia Hotel Art FairAi Weiwei, ClockenflapFotanian, Free SpaceHong Kong Tattoo ConventionHong Kong ContemporaryHong Kong EyeInflation The Chapman Brothers and Very HK.

In politics and activism, Hong Wrong gained a political commentator in the anonymous form of ‘Tony Wong‘ and covered the Left 21 anti-poverty Halloween rallythe annual Tiananmen vigilthe annual July 1st Pro-democracy march, a Christian homophobic demo,  the pro-Beijinger vs.Falun Gong spat, a racist elevatorManila bus crisis reduxa rally in support of an abused maidthe annual gay pride parade, Snowden rally and we rededicated a giant dog shit to politician Chan Kam-Lam.


BLOG – ‘Professional’ Smuggling Tunnel Linking HK to China Discovered 3

Border officials have uncovered a ‘professional’ 40-metre underground smuggling tunnel linking Hong Kong to the mainland…

The tunnel was complete with lighting, pulleys, air vents and a rail track. A government website in China said that the passage had “one end in a rented garage in Shenzhen and another in a thicket of reeds in Hong Kong, totally concealed… it was dug in a totally professional way.” 

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By assessing its design, mainland authorities believe the passageway was built in order to import phones, hard drives, tablet computers and luxury goods. It measured a metre in height and 0.8 metres in width – just enough for an adult to crawl through.

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via Reuters

BLOG – Lufsig-Mania Continues as HK Takes to Photoshop and the Shops

The mania surrounding HK’s most wanted toy shows no sign of abating, with the Lufsig FB page reaching 50,000 fans this week. Even CY himself praised the genius of Lufsig-gate, announcing that it proved how Hong Konger’s ‘creativity was boundless‘. Unmoved by CY’s adorable attempt to demonstrate a sense of humour, many HK netizens took the opportunity to mercilessly exercise their Photoshop skills… (mildly NSFW images below). 

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The toy represents a perfect lingual storm. Leung Chun-ying is often compared to a wolf for his cunning deviousness, whilst ‘to throw’ resembles a vulgar expression in Cantonese. Lufsig’s original phonetic translation, ‘Lo Mo Sai’, is also a near-homophone of ‘mother’s cunt’.

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ART – Shots from Free Space Festival 2013

WYjzT.jpg (601×103)

Though some of Sunday’s events were cancelled due to rain, HK’s second Free Space Festival still attracted hoards of Hong Kongers braving the drizzle to enjoy the crafts stalls, music and dance performances. The two day event was held at West Kowloon Cultural District, concluding three weeks of back-to-back festivals. Click here for shots from last year’s festivities.

PHOTOGRAPHY – ‘Jimmy Shoe’: Lamma Island’s Beach Trash Curios

Irish-born photographer Grainne Quinlan has spent the last few months scouring the Lamma shoreline for old footwear.

Presenting each shoe in a studio ‘light box’, the shots are reminiscent of fashion photography. However, her series highlights a much less glamorous cause – Hong Kong’s never-ending environmental battle against trash and waste.

ART – Photos from Very HK Festival 2013

The very first ‘Very HK‘ festival took place over the weekend with dozens of crowd-funded events and installations spread across the city. Although rain saw Sunday’s ‘Big Picnic’ called off, there were still stalls, music and art pieces on display around Wanchai as part of ‘Very Street’ and ‘Microgalleries’…

POLITICS – Kim Jong-Un Hired to Protest Kim Jon-Un in Wanchai 5

A HK-based Australian Kim Jong-un lookalike was hired this afternoon by a local concern group to protest the actions of the North Korean regime…

‘Howard’ (previously interviewed on the blog), turned court jester for the afternoon as he spoke against political detention camps in the DPRK.

EVENTS – Three Essential Free Events This Weekend 4

Hong Kongers are spoilt for choice this weekend. Here’s a lowdown of the weekend’s best events – all of which are free!

Very HK Festival 2013

  • ‘Big Picnic’ event, this Sunday, Dec 15th, Noon till 9pm. Central Waterfront Promenade.

6G7qG5Ml.jpg (640×374)

“Very Hong Kong is the city’s first independent, annual programme with a mix of community-founded arts, culture, food, lifestyle, sport and design events, held in various public spaces in the city. It will be a celebration of Hong Kong’s unique mix of culture, heritage, cosmopolitan lifestyle and urban environment by transforming the city’s public space.”

The picnic is the climax of the many, many events which form part of the new, crowd-funded festival. Other events include ‘Very Christmas Concert‘, 7pm on Saturday, ‘Very Street‘ from 12:30pm on Saturday and ‘Very Big Screen on the Green‘ at 7pm also on Saturday…

HISTORY – A Brief Visual History of The Peninsula Hotel 2

The Peninsula celebrates its 85 year anniversary this year, which is commemorated with a light show this weekend…

The hotel opened in 1928 and aimed to be “the finest hotel east of Suez“…

PGv0IVM.jpg (510×350)

1927 – the year of completion, via

The building itself was completed a year earlier but was used temporarily by British military authorities.