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BLOG – Construct Your Own Paper ‘Pop-Up’ Hong Kong 2

In the proud tradition of Blue Peter and ‘Show & Tell’, below are some templates for constructing your very own Hong Kong in your living room…

FYKePl7l.png (640×503)

Bank of China, via – click to enlarge

So whip out the scissors and glue, construct a comprehensive ‘pop-up’ HK and then make like Godzilla and destroy it all…

zHyLZ6il.jpg (640×394)

HK 1994, via pingyao on forum

Here are some the enthusiasts at prepared earlier…

EVENTS – Liars’ League, Hong Kong Tonight (Free)

Liars’ League returns to Hong Kong on Feb 25th at Joyce’s Not Here Cafe, 7:30pm. See their website or Facebook page for more information. Click here for video coverage of January’s event.

T6LM7.jpg (320×226)

“Liars’ League HK is a regular live literary night featuring professional actors reading original short stories. Selected stories are published on our website and performed by actors before a live audience at Joyce is Not Here. Over the coming months, we hope to shake up the party a little bit by adding in live music performances, beer tastings, book signings and other fun stuff… Fiction is basically a lie. So is performance. Lies are told on a day to day basis. But to be a good liar, you have to really work at it; sharpen your tongue, train your movements, perfect your poker face.”

February’s theme is ‘He & She’, March’s theme is ‘Fairytales & Nightmares’ and April’s theme is ‘East & West’. Stay tuned to Hong Wrong for video coverage! Writers and performers are invited to audition and take part in the ‘live fiction’ monthly event at Joyce’s cafe – 38-44 Peel St, Soho.

HISTORY – Photos From Within the Abandoned Wanchai Police Station 7

One of the few colonial buildings remaining in HK, the currently disused Wanchai Police Station was built in 1932…

rlMuSl.jpg (640×449)

Wan Chai Police Station at its opening in 1932, via Wikimedia

Though the station (also known as ‘number 2 station’) sat directly on Victoria Harbour until the 1960s, the building itself was also built on reclaimed land. It was constructed during the Praya East Reclamation Scheme.

It closed in 2010 but, as a Grade III historic building, it will be partly redeveloped for business and commercial use. Below are some shots taken from inside the building, two years after it closed…

PHOTOGRAPHY – Hong Kong Through a Crystal Ball 3

What does 2013 have in store for HK? South African photographer Sean Creamer, best known for his HK cinemagraphs, has yet another unique take on the Fragrant Harbour in his ‘Crystal Castles’ series. In this collection, featured in Time Out Magazine last year, he uses a 1kg glass ball and a umbrella to shield his shots from back lighting…

VIDEO – Liars’ League Hong Kong – The First Performances 3

Tuesday saw the debut of Liars’ League Hong Kong – live at ‘Fill in the Blank’, Wan Chai. Four local actors performed four original pieces to a packed house…

yjoxcOUl.jpg (640×235)

If you missed this rare treat, all four of the performances are below…

Morality Laws Aboard Noah’s Ark by Jody Callahan. Performed by ‘Featuring Loretta‘ star, Michael Rogers…

Colours by Graham Buchan. Performed by Alex Milner…

POLITICS – HK 3rd Best for Human Freedom? The Truth About ‘That Survey’ 7

Earlier this month, Stuart Lau of the South China Moaning Mouthpiece reported that Hong Kong beat the UK and US in a global ranking of ‘human freedom’. Hurrah! Who’d have thunk it?

The headline (probably due to its unexpected counter-intuitiveness) swept breathlessly through social media, yet the report failed to dissect the questionable maths involved or mention how the research body behind the figures is funded.

Click to read


The article did, however, acknowledge that our city’s ranking was bolstered by its high ‘economic freedom’…

“The city was the star performer for economic freedom – scoring 9.02 out of 10. But in terms of personal freedom, or civil liberties, it measured 7.8, worse than at least 49 countries.”

What is not emphasised is how the report puts an artificially high value on economic freedom indicators. It is this which allowed HK to beat the competition. In fact, economic freedom data is awarded half of the ranking’s weight, whilst dozens of other categories (e.g. freedom of speech/movement, gay rights, religious freedom, risk of sexual violence/theft etc…) are given the other half of the weight combined.

Yet most readers would surely associate these latter categories with ‘human freedom’ as opposed to economic liberties like low taxes and the ease of flogging mangoes on the street which dominate the scoring system.

Fl6H7iH.jpg (389×229)Read the full report (PDF) here.

PLACES – Official Map of Hong Kong Island’s New Hos 13

Hong Kong has ‘hos in different area codes‘ following a somewhat annoying hipster trend of renaming up-and-coming districts of HK Island. Some are extremely tenuous/made-up, others seem to be catching on…

Lest you feel unlooped, and never to miss a bandwagon, Hong Wrong exclusively presents a patent-pending, comprehensive map of the  Hong Kong’s Hos. Click to enlarge…

Know Your Hos, Hong Kong - click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Most areas relate to upcoming restaurant districts, as rental prices push eateries away from the traditional Soho area…

PLACES – Escape Hong Kong at ‘Freeing HK’, Mongkok 3

‘Freeing HK’ is a new escape room puzzle/game based in Mongkok. Crack codes, find clues, decipher riddles and find your way out of the room within 30mins to win a surprise gift. The booking engine on their website is in Chinese, so call 2332 0334 to book an English session.

Along with haunted house tours and Dialogue/Dining in the Dark, it is part of a growing trend of ‘real-life’/simulated experiences on offer in HK.

bNohg.jpg (515×250)

Three of the four rooms take teams of 5, whilst one of the rooms takes teams of 3 – each games lasts 45mins.

w1GC7l.jpg (640×398)

The founders, via SCMP

It is HK$98 or HK$128 depending on when you book…