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POLITICS – Full Lowdown: Thousands of Bigoted Homophobes Gather for Demo 19

Thousands of Hong Kong Christians were unified in intolerance yesterday as they demonstrated against homosexuality at government headquarters…

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Hatefest 2013, via Ray Chan Chi Chuen on FB

The SCMP and Standard reported today that the dreadful Evangelical Free Church of China Yan Fook organised the “Inclusive Love Praying Concert” – which clearly was neither inclusive nor loving.

The right-wing bi-lingual ‘megachurch’ has a 10,000-strong congregation and was founded in the mid-80s. Ultra-wacky conservative Christian pressure/hate group, the Society for Truth and Light, were also in attendance. The group previously spent HK$1million to educate the HK public about the “scientific and social research” which proves homosexuals are ‘invalid’ purveyors of STDs. Quite.

BLOG – Hong Kong’s Feral Monkey Problem 5

Macaques are common in Hong Kong – there are around 1,965 wild monkeys in the territory and most are found in Kam Shan Country Park. Having become accustomed to interacting with humans, the population have moved further into nearby Tai Wai, terrifying residents and vandalising homes…

The Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) and Long-tailed Macaques are probable descendants of pets released in the 1920s. First spotted in 1819, the original population of native monkeys likely died out due to habitat destruction and over-hunting.

HKUST researchers also found that some macaques were released around 1913 in the hope they would eat toxic strychnos plants found around the newly opened Kowloon Reservoir. Concerned the plants would poison the water supply, an unknown party released the monkeys thinking they would consume the plants.