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BLOG – Chinese New Year in HK by Interactive Google Street View 2

Earlier this month, Google paid a visit to HK’s various Chinese New Year celebrations armed with a Street View backpack. You can move forwards and backwards through the city’s different events in the interactive windows below…

Victoria Park’s Lunar New Year Fair

Cathay Pacific Chinese New Year Night Parade

VIDEO – Liars’ League Hong Kong – March Performances, ‘He & She’

Monday evening saw the second Liars’ League Hong Kong performances – live at ‘Joyce’s Not Here’ cafe, Soho. Eight local actors performed eight original pieces to another packed house. Click here for last month’s videos, or here for a Time Out review.

yjoxcOUl.jpg (640×235)

All March’s performances are below, in full and in HD – the theme was ‘He and She’…

Alex Milner performs Jervis Street by Steve Dodd.

Sean Hebert performs He said, She said, Descriptions of the Sky by E. P. Henderson.

Keon Lee performs Semi-detached by Liam Hogan.

EVENTS – Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Theatre)

Based on a true story and one of the best-known plays by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, Accidental Death of an Anarchist is a stinging political satire on government corruption and incompetence. The show kicks off next Wednesday at the Fringe Club…

kjDn2Egl.jpg (640×250)

“This cleverly written comedy follows the story of ” Maniac”, a compulsively role-playing looney who has been in and out of mental institutions most of his adult life. He cleverly seizes the opportunity to impersonate a judge re-investigating the case of an anarchist’s fatal fall from a fourth floor window while under police interrogation. The “Maniac’ skilfully and mercilessly dissects the cops’ inconsistent cover stories and generally outwits them at every turn.”

Running from next Wednesday, 6th March till Saturday, 9th March at 7:45pm. There is also a Saturday matinee on the 9th at 2pm. It features the stars of Featuring Loretta – Aisling McDonnell & Daniel Levia – previously covered on the blog.

Tickets available at HK or call 3128 8288 – contact the Fringe Club on 2521 7251 for enquires  Tickets are $220, $180 Students, Senior Citizen and Disabled, $176 Fringe club members.

PLACES – Hong Kong’s Abandoned ‘Ghost Island’ 13

Abandoned ‘ghost island’ Yim Tin Tsai was once home to 1000+ Hakka people…

By the late 80s/ early 90s, all of the inhabitants had resettled elsewhere in HK, in Britain and Poland…

It is now home to just a caretaker, a small organic farm and a small, recently restored UNESCO protected chapel…

HISTORY – A Brief Visual History of Yau Ma Tei Theatre 19

The newly reopened Yau Ma Tei Theatre has a colourful past…

lt22fe5l.png (640×397)

1980s, via Ming Pao

Built in 1930, it finally closed its doors on 31st July 1998.

The grade II art deco building was the oldest theatre in Hong Kong, and once the largest. It was popular with working class citizens, rickshaw drivers, coolies and low-income families throughout much of the 20th century…

4SZxRwK.png (636×560)

It initially showed silent movies, whilst English-language Hollywood films and Shanghai movies were shown in the run-up to WWII.

PHOTOGRAPHY – When the MTR Was New 14

The MTR is 35 years old this year and is often hailed as one of the world’s best mass transportation systems. American photographer Leroy W. Demery Jr took photos of the MTR and KCR system in 1980 – a year after it opened. Leroy used a Canon TX SLR camera with Kodachrome colour slide film – he bought it in 1976 and still uses it today.

QMrgil.jpg (636×425)

Gh1gel.jpg (638×425)