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  • BLOG – How to Tell the Time from the HK Skyline

    Date: 2013.03.29 | Category: Architecture & Infrastructure, Blog | Response: 6

    Photographer Patrick Beekers explains how onlookers can tell the time (albeit very roughly, to an interval of 15-minutes) simply by glancing at Central Plaza. The building was completed in 1992, features 78 floors and remains the city’s third tallest skyscraper. It also contains the world’s highest church…

    “The part of the summit between the roof and the mast itself functions as a clock; incorporated in the mast’s four spandrel neon bands is a high-tech and high-profile lighting system that changes colouring in a regular sequence every quarter of an hour.

    The system works according to a six-hour colour cycle (6pm and 12am: red, 7pm and 1am: white, 8pm and 2am: purple, 9pm and 3am: yellow, 10pm and 4am: pink, and 11pm and 5am: green); every quarter of an hour one neon band changes its current colour to the one of the next hour, so for instance 6,30 pm would have two red bands (lower ones) and two white ones (upper).”

    The following chart comes courtesy of Redditor carpediem

    7tNqpl.png (640×320)

  • PLACES – The Hakka Walled Village of Tsang Tai Uk, Sha Tin

    Date: 2013.03.27 | Category: Blog, History & Abandoned HK, Photography & Wallpapers, Places & Attractions | Response: 8

    ‘Big House of the Tsangs’ or Tsang Tai Uk (aka Shan Ha Wai – the ‘Walled Village at the Mountain’s Foot’) is a Hakka walled village in Sha Tin, near Lion Rock Tunnel. It is a Grade I heritage site as of 2007, and is probably the most accessible village of its kind in HK…

    Construction began in 1848 by the wealthy granite merchant and stonemason Tsang Koon-Man…

    It took 20 years to complete, during a time when HK was awash with pirates. The original construction materials are still intact today, and much of the fortified village is still inhabited…

  • BLOG – WTF Licence Plates of the Rich & Shameless #16

    Date: 2013.03.26 | Category: WTF Licence Plates | Response: 1

    53mZdCRl.png (640×317)

    via @sarahefung on Twitter

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Hong Kong Above the Clouds

    Date: 2013.03.25 | Category: Blog, Photography & Wallpapers | Response: 5

    Some unusual shots of Hong Kong from a new point of view – above the clouds…

    Click to enlarge. By HangGraffiti

    cWoJyS8l.jpg (640×411)

    Click to enlarge. Shot from the ICC.

    rtVeaS3l.jpg (640×427)

    By Tony Poon

    zo8kJl.jpg (640×640)

    Click to enlarge

    pwUIhp2l.jpg (640×640)

    Click to enlarge. By TGKW on Flickr.

    bO9a8lQl.jpg (640×484)

    HK and the Pearl River Delta. By Andrew Yee.

    k0Lb9uZl.jpg (640×424)

    By Pete Finlay.

    Ypq1sIOl.jpg (640×480)

    via Wikicommons.

    225wjoFl.jpg (640×358)

    Click here and scroll down for some high-resolution Hong Kong desktop wallpapers.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – ‘Elite’ – Michael Chan’s Commentary on Education & Poverty

    Date: 2013.03.24 | Category: Blog, Photography & Wallpapers | Response: 6

    Michael Chan’s work makes a direct link between poverty in Hong Kong and its outdated education system, which emphasises constant assessment over creativity. His creative photographic series ‘Elite’ is best explained in his own words…

    If the use of the word ‘poverty’ is meant to be understood as ‘absolute poverty’, then there may not be that many ‘poor people’ in Hong Kong. This kind of narrow interpretation differs from the social reality of Hong Kong today. To understand Hong Kong’s ‘poverty problem’, first we must clarify the definition of poverty.

    The Gini index in Hong Kong is amongst the top five in the world, which means there is a serious gap between the rich and the poor. All shades of unfair social phenomena – such as educational favouritism, monopolies, real estate hegemony, difficulties facing the elderly and new immigrants, etc. – all contribute to the growth of poverty.

  • MUSIC – Expat Kid Rapper Returns With New Video: Cool or Cringe?

    Date: 2013.03.22 | Category: Art & Music, Blog | Response: 5

    Controversial moneyed expat HK rapper Skibs has returned with a new video below… For more on his original viral hit, ‘Hong Kong Kids’, click here. Tagging as Possibly Racist, for the yellowface skit.

    Click here for more or here to buy the EP if it floats your proverbial boat.

    Zx83i.jpg (473×319)

  • ART – Julianne Yang’s Citylines – Sketches of Unseen Strangers in HK

    Date: 2013.03.22 | Category: Art & Music, Blog | Response: 3

    Julianne Yang’s Citylines is a new tumblr blog featuring sketches of Hong Kongers going about their day.

    We do not meet her subjects in the photos, instead each person is rendered in blue or black ink giving us just an ‘impression’ of small, lonely moments in the life of our city…

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – More Aerial Shots of HK’s Coffin Homes, by Ko Chung Ming

    Date: 2013.03.21 | Category: Blog, Photography & Wallpapers | Response: 10

    Earlier this year, Benny Lam’s aerial shots of HK’s tiny, sub-divided homes went viral, drawing attention to the city’s dire housing crisis. A similar project by Ko Chung Ming also highlights the claustrophobic reality of HK’s poor in his 2012 series ‘Cents Mansion’…

    EeIyq95l.jpg (640×427)

    “A rooftop house in Tsuen Wan (only 7ft high) under threat from poisonous centipedes and potential ceiling collapse”

    ‘Cage homes’. ‘coffin rooms’, sub-divided dwellings and steaming-hot, illegal rooftop flats are becoming all the more common in a city renowned for having the most expensive rental property market in the world…

    L4rqFcal.jpg (640×427)

    “A family of three lives in a 100 sq. ft. subdivided flat in Tsuen Wan. The boy uses his bed for both study and play”

  • POLITICS – How Hong Kong Would Look With The All Lights Out

    Date: 2013.03.20 | Category: Blog, Politics: All Posts | Response: 0

    Below is an impression of what Hong Kong would look like if it were possible to see the stars over Victoria Harbour (click to enlarge)…

    V8b0qLvl.jpg (640×427)

    By Thierry Cohen

    A new image below from NASA shows the reality – Hong Kong has the worst light pollution in the world. In the lead up to Earth Hour this Saturday, a three year study has showed that – at night – it is 1,200 times brighter over Tsim Sha Tsui than a normal dark sky. In fact, the only stars you are likely to see around Victoria Harbour are those affixed to the floor along it’s famous avenue.

    67XHpQG.jpg (640×413)

    Click here for an annotated version from the SCMP.

  • BLOG – The McQueue of Shame?

    Date: 2013.03.19 | Category: Blog, Politics: All Posts | Response: 8

    These photos from Reuters are easy to laugh at (particularly the chap who rocked up in his pyjamas), however – they also demonstrate the extent to which so many in HK are willing to go in order to secure a free meal…

    wLMEViU.png (633×417)

    McDonald’s gave away 1,000 McMuffins on Monday at 230 select branches. Queues at mainland branches were equally long, where the chain is deservedly suffering somewhat of a backlash.


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