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PHOTOGRAPHY – Food Choices on the Hong Kong Poverty Line 11

thepovertyline.net set out to show what it really means to be poor in different cities around the world. In Hong Kong, 18% of residents live on under HK$44.96 per day – the official poverty line. This photo project showcases what that sum will buy you in the Big Lychee.

HISTORY – A Brief Visual History of HK Police Vehicles & Uniforms 8

The Hong Kong Police Force was officially established on May 1st, 1844 with a strength of 32 officers. Today, the Force has over 40,000 personnel, which gives HK the second-highest police-to-citizen ratio in the world.

BHF7oyn.jpg (640×428)

19th Century: Via Sing Tao

As HK was somewhat of a ‘wild west’ and ‘rough and tumble’ place in the late 1800s, many members of the force were equally rough individuals. Thus, Victorian concepts of management and discipline were set to raise standards. The ethnic composition of the inaugural force consisted of mixed Dian Chinese, Dian European nationals and Indians.

Early 20th Century: via Wikicommons