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POLITICS – Serious Crime Unit Arrests Graffiti Artist as US Criticises HK Human Rights 5

Sharp Daily has reported on a 46-year-old Hong Konger who has been arrested for writing ‘go to hell, Xi Jinping’ on a stairwell wall in Ma On Shan. Sha Tin police sent officers from the Regional Crime Unit (which deals with serious criminal cases), who ‘monitored’ the ‘crime scene’. The man was caught, ballpoint pen in hand, at 8am on April 18th.

Netizens were in uproar, believing the case to be an instance of political persecution, designed to intimidate citizens. Traditionally, cases involving graffiti are not investigated so thoroughly. Tsang Tsou Choi, the ‘King of Kowloon’s, scribblings were also anti-establishment yet were often celebrated. Tsang created 55,000 outdoor works over 50 years on everything from post boxes to flyovers. After his death in 2007, his work now changes hands for hundreds-of-thousands of dollars at Sotheby’s.

gHbI5l.jpg (429×640)

The late, last King of Kowloon