Daily Archives: May 9, 2013

EVENTS – Calling All Geeks: HK’s 1st Open Data Jam-hack-athon

Developers, journalists, designers, tech geeks, business people and statisticians are meeting in cities across the world to brainstorm ideas, ‘jam’ and compete to make new apps and systems. This sub-culture – which goes beyond simple notions of profit – is what gave us many of the technologies we all use today (Google’s products are prime examples).

tHJLBQT.png (643×263)

The scene in HK is blossoming and Open Data HK is the first truly cross-disciplinary gathering of people interested in visualising and analysing data.

BLOG – Hong Kong’s Celebrity ‘Tiger Tutors’ Documentary 3

Britain’s Channel 4 will broadcast a documentary tomorrow about HK’s ‘Tiger Tutors’. The Unreported World team meet millionaire Lamborghini-driving ‘super tutor’ Richard Eng, who earns US$1.5million a year. 40,000 students attend his Beacon College cramming school for evening classes. Three quarters of HK students have extra tuition to compete in a system where only exam results matter.

As the documentary reveals, families often can barely afford the extra lessons and some children – with pushier parents – are tutored from kindergarten age. The film touches on our city’s wealth gap and Eng’s feelings towards the state education system he refuses to put his own children through.

The trailer is below – click here for the full film.