Daily Archives: May 10, 2013

POLITICS – Memo an Affront to HK’s Autonomy as New HK Ai Wei Wei Piece Revealed 10

The Apple Daily has published extracts from two confidential memos issued by the Executive Council and Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau. The wording is a direct attack on the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ agreement, suggesting that all local policies must take into consideration the thoughts-and-feelings of the mainland government from June 1st…

DPQaZlvl.jpg (640×315)

BLOG – The Standard vs. The Sub-Standard: Battle of the Logos 10

X6cD0ya.jpg (223×89)This week saw the launch of a new satirical weekly called ‘The Sub-Standard‘ on Hong Wrong. It was not long before a local newspaper, coincidentally entitled ‘The Standard‘ dropped said blog a line…

The Standard, Hong Kong

They also planted a fake comment on the blog, supposedly from a random reader claiming to feel ‘confused’ by the logo but actually originating from the Sing Tao Group’s office. Nice try.

Anyway, below are ten potential redesigns forwarded to The Standard for their consideration. Feel free to vote on your favourite, leave your comments or have a shot yourself with this high-resolution version (the typeface is ‘impact’). [email protected] are keen to hear from you!

Prototype #1.