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POLITICS – Squalor in Fanling: Slum Dwellings Return to Hong Kong (Photos) 8

Hong Kong is a wealthy place with a handsome budget surplus – many of us would presume the state takes good care of foreign torture claimants seeking refuge in our city.

However, in reality, many are forced to live in squalid slums in the rural New Territories, subsisting for years on a meagre allowance before being returned to the countries they fled. In Ping Che, Fanling, around 150 Bangladeshi asylum seekers and torture claimants reside in shameful conditions which are an affront to human rights, dignity and social justice…

A HK$12,000 per month slum dwelling in Ping Che, Fanling

Some claimants have not been contacted by Immigration for up to 7 years. Despite its international obligations, HK has only ever recognised a total of three torture claimants out of 12,400 applications since 1992. 99.98% of claims were rejected, with the victims often being sent back to the horrors they thought they’d escaped.