Daily Archives: May 17, 2013

‘NEWS’ – Colgate to Relaunch Darkie ‘Racist’ Toothpaste 10

eycwfAr.png (258×73)News’ from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: Colgate-Palmolive are relaunching their Darlie brand of toothpaste next month under its original name, ‘Darkie’. A spokesperson for the company stated that “With Obama as president, we now live in a post-racial society… Besides, it is not possible for Hong Kong people to be racist, as China never had slavery.”

Xo3OPwL.jpg (543×328)

We invited life-long black person and HK resident Malik DeAndre to try Darkie Whitening Toothpaste for one week. When asked whether the brand was ‘a bit racist’, he stated that Everyone’s a little bit racist, but when I use Darkie Whitening, it’s like I’m brushing away all those years of oppression and institutionalised discrimination.”

ART – Revealed: Ai Weiwei’s New ‘Baby Milk’ Sculpture (Photos) 3

ZZfEkXL.jpg (557×109)

HK’s annual art week saw its unofficial launch last night with the unveiling of Ai Weiwei’s new sculpture. His latest work relates to the baby milk scandal and forms part of Para Site’s exhibition entitled ‘A Journal of the Plague Year. Fear, Ghosts, Rebels. SARS, Leslie and the Hong Kong Story‘. The shows and located at G/F, 4 Po Yan Street (until July 20th) and the Civic Centre, Sheung Wan (until May 26th). Weiwei’s piece is at the Civic Centre…