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POLITICS – Hong Kong NOT World’s Most Racist State After All 8

Several articles criticising the methodology behind the Washington Post Racism vs. Economic Freedom story have appeared online. The original piece by Max Fisher appeared to show HK to be the most racist state in the world.

Hong Wrong noted the survey was outdated, whilst Reddit-user ‘cf18’ examined the original questionnaire which translates from traditional Chinese as follows…

uJDho6c.png (430×266)

The original survey

“26. For people with these background, which do you find unacceptable to be your neighbour? [show card]”

a – with criminal record

b – different race

c – heavy drinker

d – emotionally unstable


Answer: (1) acceptable (2) unacceptable

The source data for the article presents participant’s answers differently. It summarises responses as if participants were presented with ‘tick boxes’ whereby each person checks off each of the various groups of people they would be uncomfortable living next to. The data for HK is presented as a plain: ‘participant mentioned‘ or ‘participant not mentioned‘, as opposed to ‘acceptable‘ or ‘unacceptable‘ for each one. This suggests the ‘mentioned’ numbers actually related to the ‘acceptable’ column, meaning the figures are inverted.  As ‘cf18’ notes…