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POLITICS – Average Salaries of Those Who Serve Us 17

Last week, a taxi driver named Tam Hoi-chi found himself in court after pocketing 50-cents when dropping off a woman in the New Territories. He fought in a pointless 6-month court battle, whilst many other states may have charged the passenger for wasting police time…

The SCMP revealed that “…the passenger did not ask for the 50 cents at the time but later complained to the police.”  If only the police and our legal system pursued corporate criminals with the same vigour.

W1acWsel.jpg (640×398)

Long-suffering taxi driver, Tam Hoi-chi, via SCMP

Inspired by the passenger’s behaviour, we present a collection of average salaries for service staff in Hong Kong…

Domestic Maid monthly wage: HK$3,920 (or US$505, UK£331).

Image via asianews.it

Source: The Standard, 2012. Maids are exempt from the minimum wage law.

Cleaner average monthly wage: HK$7,641 (or US$984, UK£646).