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POLITICS – 2013 Tiananmen Massacre HK Candle-lit Vigil: This Coming Tuesday 8


‘Fatescapes’, a project by Czech artist Pavel Maria Smejkal. Click to enlarge.

For many Hong Kongers, the events of June 4th, 1989 have the same emotional and political equivalence as 9/11 does to the Americans.

The 6/4 massacre not only sparked, but continues to represent, so much of the ongoing suspicion the city feels towards the mainland government. The annual Victoria Park candle-lit vigil itself has become a pressure valve for all kinds of scepticism, mistrust and often disdain for the Communist Party, well beyond its bloody actions 24 years ago. It is also a rallying point for HK’s ‘core values’ and for the local pro-democracy movement which is campaigning for universal suffrage country-wide.

See: Hong Wrong’s coverage & photos from last year’s vigil.

ART – Highlights from Hong Kong Eye Exhibition 1

1JuSaBl.jpg (631×107)

Closing today, Hong Kong Eye is a show in Tai Koo showcasing works by 24 emerging Hong Kong artists. Head down before 7pm – entry is free at: 1/f Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Island East.

The exhibition is a smaller version of an acclaimed show put together by Saatchi Gallery in London last year. Featuring Wilson Shieh and Justin Wong, exhibits include an interactive musical loom, animatronic pieces from Adrian Wong and a warped HK taxi…

‘NEWS’ – CY Launches Anti-Corruption Agency to Monitor Anti-Corruption Agency 3

eycwfAr.png (258×73)‘News’ from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: Chief Executive CY Leung has announced that a new anti-corruption agency will be formed to oversee Hong Kong’s anti-corruption agency. The ICACICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption of the Independent Commission Against Corruption) will begin work as police probe the former-commissioner of the original ICAC for corrupt practices.

Timothy Tong is being investigated after LEGCO papers revealed that he had spent HK$154,000 on gifts to mainland officials, HK$757,921 on duty visits and – in one instance – ran a bill of HK$77,100 for two 5-star dinners at the Grand Hyatt.

cMSL8Vil.jpg (640×300)

Timothy Tong: “This is awkward”, via SCMP

The new agency was originally set to be called the Corruption Liaison & Investigative Team Observing the Review of Improper
Standards. Security chief, Lai Tung-Kwok, announced last week that it would be scrapped as, “Unfortunately, we realised the acronym worked out as ‘CLITORIS’.”