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BLOG – Profit, Protection & Public Interest: Why is SCMP ‘Drip-feeding’ Snowden Revelations? 3

There is a journalistic ethics debate to be had over how the South China Morning Post is treating information they gained from an interview earlier this month with Edward Snowden. How much more does the SCMP know?

The newspaper’s leader on Tuesday contained further revelations from their original Snowden interview, which was almost 2 weeks old by then. The ‘exclusive’ stated that Snowden sought his job at Booz Allen specifically to gather evidence on NSA surveillance. Until Snowden clarifies this, it seemed a very tenuous conclusion to draw from a two-word answer he gave in response to a question about his role at Booz… Nevertheless, SCMP’s Editor-in-Chief Xiangwei Wang told Phoenix TV that Snowden had requested that this information was held back until a specified time when the ‘dust had settled‘. As we know from the Leveson Enquiry, it is not unusual for journalists to negotiate terms or agree to such deals with sources, but has this been the case for all of SCMP’s drip-fed NSA revelations?

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ACTIVISM – Know Your Protest Rights in Hong Kong 4

R7P4RVE.jpg (160×160)The Hong Kong Civil Liberties Union has published a handy guide to protester’s rights and freedom of speech in Hong Kong. The NGO kindly collaborated with Hong Wrong to allow us to reproduce this essential information on the blog ahead of this year’s July 1st pro-democracy march…

“Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration; and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions, and to strike” – Basic Law Article 27

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POLITICS – CY Leung Humiliated at Ceremony Ahead of July 1st March 25

HK’s leader was repeatedly humiliated yesterday at a Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts graduation ceremony…

via Apple Daily

Students held up placards demanding genuine democracy whilst others receiving their degrees refused to bow, gave CY the thumbs-down or crossed their arms above their heads – an action referencing last year’s national education protests (coverage: part 12 and 3). 

VIDEO – Snowden Hong Kong: The Movie 4

With Snowden gone, local media-types have been left without purpose, sobbing into their milk teas whilst struggling to recall what life was like before HK was at the centre of the world. But grab the popcorn, folks, as ‘Snowden HK: The Movie’ has just been leaked on the interwebs. A local collaboration between J.Shot and Fallout Media x Immortal Peach, the 5-minute short film features a remarkably well casted Snowden-a-like, Andrew Cromeek. (However, their depiction of the SCMP office is clearly inaccurate)…

‘NEWS’ – Eddie Snowden ‘Dreadful to Live With’ says Relieved Safehouse Flatmate 8

eycwfAr.png (258×73)‘News’ from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: A local who offered secure accommodation to US whistleblower Edward Snowden expressed relief at his departure from the territory yesterday. “Eddie had been in our maid room for 3 weeks, I don’t know if he had cabin fever or something but he was really starting to do my head in”, said Snowden’s housemate known only as Mr Chen.

Snowden made a series of revelations this month regarding a top secret US spying programme codenamed Prism. Chen advertised his spare room on Craigslist but immediately regretted shacking up with Snowden… “He rarely cleaned up, was constantly online, often blared European trance music and I think he must’ve taken the bins out, like, what? Twice?

Chen, a tax auditor residing in Western district, also resented having to respond to Snowden’s increasingly bizarre demands. “After a server at the 7/11 downstairs recognised him from his viral vid, Eddie had me bring up food and drink, porn, tons of tin foil, cat6 Ethernet cabling, Spanish phrasebooks and copious amounts of Pocky. This guy was obsessed with Pocky.”

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BLOG – A Tour of the Famous Greenpeace Ship, Rainbow Warrior III 10

On Sunday, the famous Greenpeace ship ‘Rainbow Warrior III’ docked in Kennedy Town…

Public tours took place on Sunday only, as crowds waited up to four hours to be escorted around the ship by volunteers and meet Chief Mate Pep Barbal.

The ship is a fast, purpose-built motor-assisted sailing yacht used for environmental protests and scientific excursions.

EVENTS – Six Great Films at This Week’s UNHCR Film Festival

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Tickets are almost sold out, so act quickly if you’d like to catch one of this year’s offerings at the Yau Ma Tei Cinematheque. The festival runs from 20th – 26th June. Trailers below…

War Witch

“Somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, in a small isolated village, Komona, a twelve-year-old girl, lived peacefully with her parents until the day the rebels came. They pillaged the village, captured Komona and forced her to commit an irreparable act: slay her parents… Time passes – Komona is now 14 and pregnant. War Witch is a life lesson, a story of human resilience. Oscar nominee.”

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

“This film chronicles the remarkable story of the courageous Liberian women who came together to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to their shattered country… Thousands of women — ordinary mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters, both Christian and Muslim — came together to pray for peace and then staged a silent protest outside of the Presidential Palace. Armed only with white T-shirts and the courage of their convictions, they demanded a resolution to the country’s civil war. Their actions were a critical element in bringing about a agreement during the stalled peace talks.”