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BLOG – More Clueless Sexual Assault Comments, Now From HK’s Chief Prosecutor 4

N.B. This is not a satirical post. After Security Chief Lai Tung-Kwok aired his victim-blaming opinions on HK’s increasing rape figures last month, an even higher-ranking male official clearly fancied some time in the international spotlight…

Kevin Zervos

Kevin Zervos: Moron of the week, photo via SCMP

Australian lawyer and Director of Public Prosecutions at the HK Department of Justice, Kevin Zervos, reckons female victims of sexual assault ought extend more sympathy to their poor attackers:

“Men will actually respect women more if they see women showing compassion to them and realising they are better off without a conviction.”

Cool story, bro. Zervos shared more of his deep thoughts in an interview with SCMP’s Joanna Chiu, who asked him whether he believed HK judges were overly lenient with sex offenders:

“There’s this boy-girl thing in life… You have young men and women out there interacting socially. And when an incident happens and a man gets carried away… is it social misbehaviour or is it a crime?”

The SCMP took down the article after Zervos complained.

Kevin Zervos, Hong Kong

VIDEO – The Ecology & Politics of Hong Kong’s Abandoned, Wild Island Outpost (Part 4) 9

Below is a video interview with Patrick Yeung, a marine biologist PhD candidate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Yeung speaks about the political and ecological concerns and history of Tung Ping Chau, HK’s most isolated semi-abandoned outpost.

Shot on an Android phone. You may also enjoy Hong Wrong’s video interview with Mark Sung, the only resident of Kuk Po abandoned village, also in the Plover Cove region.