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ACTIVISM – Hong Kong Snowden Rally Media Coverage (Part 2 of 4) 30

Kin Cheung, AP

Media coverage below, as part of our four-part coverage of the event… See also:

An unprecedented number of local social and political groups came together on Saturday at the supportsnowden.org rally in solidarity with the American NSA whistleblower. 27 co-organisers joined more than 900 Hong Kong and foreign demonstrators (according to an independent head count). With 6 speakers, including 3 LEGCO members, they marched in the rain from Chater Garden to the US Consulate, demanding an end to surveillance of innocent citizens. A letter (PDF) was handed in to Ambassador Steve Young demanding that the human right to a private life is upheld (Article 8 of the UN declaration). Accompanied by the world’s media, marchers then convened at HK Government HQ in Admiralty, demanding that Chief Executive CY Leung speak up, protect Snowden and ensure rule of law is upheld without interference from Beijing.

Despite the weather and warnings from the US consulate to avoid the area and Chater Garden, this was the biggest rally yet, worldwide, on the NSA/PRISM issue. The SCMP reported that, for some, it was their first ever march. A large proportion were expats and many bought their children along. More details, photos and videos will be up on the blog later this week. Collected below is some of the early coverage – this page will update on Sunday. Also be sure to check out the SCMP live blog.

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ACTIVISM – Preview of Today’s Hong Kong ‘Support Snowden’ Rally (Part 1 of 4) 11

Preview below, as part of our four-part coverage of the event… See also:

Today at 3pm, hundreds will gather at Chater Garden (exit J2, Central)  in support of Edward Snowden. Over 15,000 have been invited online with 600+ confirmed. The world’s media will cover the event live. An unprecedented 28 groups are now on board – a diverse and unified showing of concerned Hong Kongers. 6 speakers are confirmed, half of whom are serving LEGCO members, and we’ll be rallying at three key locations in the heart of the city this afternoon…

Preparations at the InMedia HQ took place last night – we have some whistles, waterproof placards and decorated umbrellas but please bring your own. This afternoon, we will all be whistleblowers! You can download placards here and be sure to join us, even if it rains. (Especially if it rains!).