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PHOTOGRAPHY – Ma Wan, Part 2: The Ghost Town Where All Residents Were Evicted 11

More from the abandoned ghost town of Ma Wan. Click here for part 1 of the photo series and to learn about what happened on the small island…

PHOTOGRAPHY – Ma Wan, Part 1: A Whole Abandoned Town Next to Tsing Ma Bridge 16

Once home to hundreds of villagers, Ma Wan village is now a ghost town. Unlike most of HK’s rural abandoned corners, the residents here were evicted by the government in 2011 – some of them unwillingly. Click here for Part II.

As of 1995, fish farming was the main economic activity on Ma Wan and Hong Kongers flocked to its seafood restaurants. Shrimp-drying and shrimp paste-making farms now lie abandoned.

The town had a population of several thousand prior to the 80s and around 800 in 2000. But today, Ma Wan is mostly home to Park Island – a huge gated housing estate that was mainly developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties. It houses 5,000 families.