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EVENTS – Story Worthy Week: Hong Kong 2013 1

CxsN6rM.png (135×160)StoryWorthyWeek‘ is a new HK-based arts festival that believes that everyone in Hong Kong has a story to tell. Running from Tuesday 6th till Wednesday 14th of September, it features local and foreign performers sharing their best stories.

Events are as follows:

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PHOTOGRAPHY – HK’s Invisible Caged Poor: Mini Sculptures by Kwong Chi Kit 11

Kwong Chi Kit and Benny Lam worked in conjunction with SoCO (the Society for Community Organisation) to create miniature ‘cage people’ as part of the charity’s anti-poverty campaign. Kwong then photographed the reactions of passers-by…

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Kwong says, “Over 100,000 Hong Kong citizens are trapped in impoverished environments. They live in cage homes, cubicle apartments and other inhumane conditions, often no bigger than 40 square feet. The longer you remain indifferent, the longer their poor living conditions will remain unchanged.”

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Passers-by were invited to sign a petition by scanning a QR code…

Hong Kong is a wealthy place and currently sports a HK$64.9 billion budget surplus. Yet the city lacks a proper social safety net and remains home to the widest rich-poor gap in the developed world – and it is worsening.

BLOG – Whilst We Were Gone: Shots from HK’s Summer 5

Hong Wrong is back from summer break with regular posts resuming here and on Facebook and Twitter. Below is a brief photographic summary of July and August in our ever-Fragrant Harbour…

HK’s worsening air quality made headlines, as tourists opted for photographs in front of a banner as opposed to the haze-ridden harbour. (More shots at The Shanghaiist.)

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Pictures of over 10,000 shark fins drying on a HK factory rooftop went viral last week…


The city shut down in mid-August as Typhoon Utor battered the city…