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HELPERS – Now Gov’t Makes it Near-Impossible for Domestic Maids to Quit or Escape Abuse 27

In an attempt to combat the ‘non-problem’ of ‘job shopping’, the government has tightened rules to further entrap the city’s long-suffering domestic helpers. Last week, the Immigration Department responded to supposed ‘public concern‘, announcing that it will now make it harder for domestic workers to quit their contracts.

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via The Telegraph

It has promised to ‘fortify‘ the assessment of helper’s visa applications to ‘closely scrutinise‘ those who have changed employers several times. The stricter measures against ‘premature contract termination’ mean that the Immigration Department can refuse further applications for employment if they suspect a helper of ‘non-compliance’ or ‘abuse’ of contract.

via ABC Australia

In the past two months, the government has refused 45 such visa applications under these measures. The only circumstances in which a domestic maid may be freely released from a contract include migration, death, a change in the financial situation of the employer or abuse/exploitation.

MUSIC – Tickets On Sale for 3-day Clockenflap Festival 2013 3

Holy Flappenclocks! Tickets for the 6th Clockenflap Festival are now on sale… Early Bird 3-Day Weekend tickets are HK$1180 via Ticketflap.

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There is no overnight camping – partygoers must enter/leave the site each day. One-day weekend tickets are HK$500. Click here for Hong Wrong’s guide and coverage of last year’s festival or click here for photos of the event. 

HISTORY – Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong: Photos from 1942, Beautifully Restored 8

German photographer Hedda Morrison was famous for shooting the final years of Republican China. Using a Rolleiflex twin lens, she spent 13 years during the 30s and 40s documenting pre-Communist China and Malaysia. The magical collection below, from 1946, was carefully restored by Flickr user ralphrepo_photolog.

The first shot shows pedestrians and vendors on Pottinger Street, Central. Looking up towards Wellington Street, there are restaurants, tailors, photographic shops and other speciality stores lining steps. (Click here to view this street today, or here to learn more about its history)…

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Hedda Morrison – click to enlarge

A view of old villages in Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom. Now, almost all land in Kowloon been filled with high rises and many of these mountains flattened…

Hedda Morrison

A man surrounded by hanging dried fish, somewhere in HK Island’s Eastern District…