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MUSIC – David Rovics Palestine Solidarity Concert at The Fringe 1

To raise money and awareness for Palestinian children held in Israeli jails, David Rovics played for one night only in Hong Kong on Saturday, September 14th. Proceeds went to Defence for Children International: Palestine.

‘His music, ranging from songs about the Gaza flotilla to Bradley Manning, has been featured on Al Jazeera, Democracy Now and the BBC. David’s songs, expressing a strong anti-war stance and his belief in social justice, have been a source of inspiration and hope to people all over the world’.

POLITICS – Two HK School Children Demand GovHK Burn Ivory Stockpile 12

Lucy Lan Skrine, aged 11, and Christina Seigrist aged 8, have begun a petition to demand the government destroy its stockpile of ivory. There have been 5 large seizures of smuggled ivory this year alone and it is thought around 25 tonnes of elephant tusks have now been collected by the government.

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via Alex Hofford

In other countries such as the US, the Philippines and in African states themselves, the illegal hauls are burnt or crushed. A big public show is made of it in order to send a message to poachers and buyers. The US will crush 7 tonnes of confiscated ivory in October whilst 5 tonnes was destroyed in Manila in June.

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The Philippines this June. via Alex Hofford.

The girls also called for the Chinese government to ban its domestic ivory trade and to close shops selling carvings (in particular, the 37 state-owned ivory carving factories)…