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HELPERS – Photo Project: Why Do You Do What You Do? 21

As Indonesian maids rallied at their consulate on Sunday, HK-based Irish photographer Gráinne Quinlan (famed for her ‘elderly Tai Chi‘ series) was busy shooting in nearby Victoria Park…


We asked several foreign domestic workers why they left their home country to work in another city (a city which often treats them a second-class citizens)…


PHOTOGRAPHY – Joel Odesser’s Hong Kong: ‘Behind the Scenes’ 3

Self-taught French photographer Joel Odesser has a solo show in Kowloon Tong this Autumn. Running until October 11th, ‘Behind the Scenes’ exposes an ‘often forgotten side of Hong Kong’. Click here for his portfolio and here for his FB page.

upGx4UV.png (633×422)

“Resulting from a four-year observation of life in Hong Kong, Behind the Scenes focuses on the responsibilities of urban renewal, and is a pictorial question exploring how standard of living and quality of life, conflict and overlap.”

j2xgH0i.png (634×416)