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HELPERS – Can an Elevator Be Racist? 65

We’ve all heard of The Giving Tree, but how about The Racist Lift? Can an elevator discriminate? One of the most common complaints from HK’s foreign domestic helper community is that of ‘day-to-day discrimination‘ – a phenomena which can often be difficult to prove. However, a video commissioned by the upcoming HK Helpers Campaign revealed how Causeway Bay Centre Shopping Arcade (near Victoria Park) is in the habit of charging HK$5 for the use of their elevator. Manned by two security guards and surrounded by ‘no photography’ signs, the fee is only applied on Sundays, when Indonesian maids pour into the area on their day off.

As Hong Wrong blog went to investigate, Stories Beyond Borders spoke to an activist for Open Door HK. Her organisation noted that the guards were highly inconsistent in their application of the fee, targeting those who can least afford it…

Starbucks at Alexandra House closes their bathroom to customers and non-customers on Sundays. And seating around the base of the IFC miraculously disappears each Sunday, only to reappear on Mondays…

BLOG – HK Mildly Inconvenienced As Typhoon Usagi Passes Nearby (Pictures) 7

Despite bracing for the ‘storm of the century’, Typhoon Usagi passed through southern China having little major effect on HK. The T8 signal remained hoisted overnight, leading to a morning off for many citizens.

OfepAm5.jpg (600×406)

via Vincent Yu/AP

Other territories did not fare so well – 25 people were killed in the mainland and 2 in the Philippines

d6izYt5.jpg (659×439)

Hangzhou, Zhejiang province yesterday., via Chance Chan, Reuters

Video by Edwin Lee et al of Fallout Media…