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POLITICS – Interests of Conflict Weekly Digest #1

Watch out Hemlock! As of this week, Hong Wrong has a new contributor. ‘Tony Wong’ is our unimaginative pseudonym for an anonymous political commentator who, for months, has been responding to local news stories in his ‘Interests of Conflict‘ mailing list. Wong says that the newsletter is aimed at informed residents “who are encouraged to further develop and rebut the arguments made here, and in the media, to create actual, honest and productive political dissent.”

Hong Wrong will publish a select digest of his musings each week. You are free to distribute and republish anything you read here and can sign up to the daily newsletter by emailing ‘subscribe‘ to [email protected] If you sell your opinions, do so at your own risk, there might be a conflict of interests.

  • Hong Kong’s taxi fares are about to rise by approximately 10%, or 2 HKD for the beginning of the trip and 0.1 HKD for each additional 200 meters. The change will take effect on December 8. Getting the price right for taxis is almost impossible. If it is a little bit too high then passengers switch to other forms of transportation, leaving taxi drivers on the side of the street, unoccupied, jamming the roads and polluting the air. If the price is too low then not enough taxis are available, people have to wait for a taxi and can no longer rely on them… The other variable that changes is the price of the licenses, though that can go either way. Higher prices could mean higher revenues per ride, but that could be offset by fewer rides per day. It remains unclear why this market is still stuck in Stalinist times. In today’s world it would be easily possible to use technology to call a taxi. You set your start and end point, push your request to a platform and allow various taxi drivers compete for it. You will get back several suggestions differing in departure time, travel time, vehicle type and price, could chose according to your preferences and enjoy the price chilling effect of competition and innovation.

HELPERS – HK Maid Community Gather for Global Dance-Off 10

Ahead of the fourth International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees in New York this week, Hong Kong’s migrant community gathered in Central for a globally coordinated dance flash mob…

The UN is set to decide on the fate of 214 million migrants around the world. The ‘High Level Dialogue’ will set policies that enable governments to profit more from the money migrants send home to their families. Millions of migrants and refugees will be excluded from having a say in these negotiations.