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PHOTOGRAPHY – A Hong Kong Bug’s Life: Barry Jacques’s HK Insect Safari 6

Previously on the blog we listed some of HK’s most dreaded creepy crawlies, but the territory also has its share of more lovable insects…

xVUNEnD.jpg (655×427)


Barry Jacques‘s colourful ‘Hong Kong Bug Safari’ is a reminder that we are never far from nature in the City of Lights.

gZ6C11N.jpg (655×503)


Speaking to Hong Wrong, Jacques said “I was fascinated by the insects I saw around me… and wanted to to make a body of photographic work to show off these wonderful creatures”.

HELPERS – Domestic Maids Plant Toy Grenades for Art… But Were the Curators Ethical? 3

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu‘s series ‘Intervention‘ examines the working environments of Hong Kong’s Filipino domestic workers.

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100 people took part – placing a toy grenade in their employer’s home whilst they were away and photographing it.

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The project explores spacial intrusions and tensions between local families and their foreign helpers. Each participant was free to place the grenade anywhere within the home, though the artists insist the toy is neutral, does not carry implications of danger and that it is a game”.