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DONATE – 500th Blog Post: An Appeal for The Philippines 200

Hong Wrong’s 500th post takes the form of an appeal… If you have enjoyed this blog over the past couple of years, please send a few bucks to ICM. Whilst International Care Ministries are a faith-based NGO, they are an excellent example of a sustainable, grassroots charity and have been working in poor, rural areas of the Philippines since 1992. They are Hong Kong based and do not prosthelytize. You can donate (by card, cheque or bank transfer) instantly and receive a tax rebate.

Over 10,000 people have died around Tacloban city in the Philippines and the ongoing situation has been described by the Red Cross as ‘absolute bedlam‘. 4.3 million people have been affected.

ICM are in it for the long haul and will be working with the poorest-of-the-poor long after emergency responders disappear.

POLITICS – Photos from HK’s Biggest Ever Gay Pride Event 24

Below are photos from HK’s 5th and biggest ever gay pride gathering on Saturday. All are courtesy of AFP correspondent Jerome Taylor… He said: “Much less openly camp but no less radical, Hong Kong’s pride march is part celebration of all things LGBT, part two fingers up at the pro-Beijing establishment and social orthodoxy.” Follow Jerome’s photography on Flickr.

luUdDir.jpg (640×427)

Organisers estimated that 5,200 people took part (police estimated 4,500). This is double the number of participants compared to two years ago. Click here to see the blog’s coverage of last year’s march.

8JpNFYn.jpg (640×427)

There were a number of other, less happier, stories related to HK’s LGBT community making the headlines over the weekend…

  • News of a TVB actress’s love affair with a same-sex actor emerged – she was suspended by the broadcaster for 2 months (Apple Daily Chinese).
  • The Liberal (sic) Party collected signatures from the public to oppose marriage equality for LGBT people (Apple Daily Chinese).
  • A domestic helper employer attempted to “convert” their maid to be straight (Apple Daily Chinese).
  • Earlier in the week, a transgender woman accused immigration officials of behaving ‘like animals’ during a search at HK airport (SCMP).