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POLITICS – Interests of Conflict Weekly Digest #8

Interests of ConflictBelow is the latest digest from our political commentator ‘Tony Wong’. Hong Wrong publishes a selection of his musings each week, but you can sign up for his full, daily newsletter by emailing ‘subscribe’ to [email protected] It is “aimed at informed residents who are encouraged to further develop and rebut the arguments made here, and in the media, to create actual, honest and productive political dissent.”


Friday, 15th Nov: HK’s Elite Clubs – Britain always had a very classist society that is run through secretive clubs and societies, exclusive backdoor meetings and nontransparent negotiations… This ‘culture’ had an easy time finding its way into Hong Kong politics and business ever since the early days of the colony. Many of these clubs still exist today. Though only few still discriminate based on ethnicity or gender, they are nonetheless inaccessible to outsiders without a formal endorsement or invitation.
Though secrecy and closedness has paid off very well for these societies, it hasn’t exactly done so for society as a whole.

INTERVIEW – HK’s Own Kim Jong-Un Impersonator

Australian Hong Konger, ‘Howard’, is the world’s first Kim Jong-Un impersonator. Yesterday, a video of him wowing onlookers in Hong Kong went viral. Hong Wrong spoke exclusively to the man with the world’s most dangerous job…

QXH6pZcl.jpg (640×322)

Have you tried your impersonation in other cities?

I have only done this in Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

What is the reaction like from Hong Kongers?

Almost all of them would either smile and laugh and for some a photo opportunity is a must, especially when I went to LKF. Most people are quite surprised.