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HELPERS – Vote for New ‘HK Helpers Campaign’ to Win HK$20k in Funding

Next month, ‘HK Helpers Campaign’ will finally launch its website, followed by an official launch a few weeks later. Six months in the making, the new multimedia and advocacy project is in the running to win HK$20,000 in funding from Awakening Cafe.

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Throughout December, after each meal, each diner will be invited to vote for their favourite community project outlined in a leaflet. Each project relates in some way to the project’s ‘3 C’s’: Compassion, Community and Creativity. Hong Wrong strongly implores you to tick ‘HK Helpers Campaign‘ after you’ve wolfed down your tasty burger. Only 1 of the 10 projects will receive the HK$20k in January.

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POLITICS – Interests of Conflict Weekly Digest #9

Interests of ConflictBelow is the latest digest from our political commentator ‘Tony Wong’. Hong Wrong publishes a selection of his musings each week, but you can sign up for his full, daily newsletter by emailing ‘subscribe’ to [email protected] It is “aimed at informed residents who are encouraged to further develop and rebut the arguments made here, and in the media, to create actual, honest and productive political dissent.”

Monday, 9th December: HKTV Logical Fallacy

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee is either very very much convinced that the government was right in refusing a TV license to HKTV or enjoys simultaneously animating and beating the figurative cow on the ground… Usually at the end of every defence for injustice comes the argument ‘but others do that too’. Yesterday it was Ip’s turn in the SCMP to deliver this dull statement, even making it ‘Editor’s Pick’.

When arguing why the television market needs to be regulated while the internet and publishing industry don’t, Ip dares to say “issues of market access and anti-competitive practices has mandated tight regulation right from the start”. Does Ip make these tautologies on purpose?

Friday, 6th December: Carrie Lam on Democracy

POLITICS – Why Are Hong Kongers are Going Crazy for ‘Lufsig’ the Toy Wolf? 1

‘Lufsig’ – a toy wolf from IKEA – flew off the shelves over the weekend, with all HK stores reporting ‘no stock’ remaining…

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via United Social Press

It follows farcical scenes at a North Point town hall meeting where Financial Secretary John Tsang was hit by an egg…

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…and a HK$99 ‘lufsig’ toy was hurled at CY Leung by a member of the League of Social Democrats…

INTERVIEW – What’s Hip in HK’s Back Yard? Win a New Guidebook

A new travel guidebook demystifies the great megalopolis beyond Lo Wu. HK’s back yard is more than just Queen’s Spa, cheap crap and dodgy dentists, so Hong Wrong spoke to the publisher of a new guidebook entitled ‘Explore the Pearl River Delta’ for some tips…

Scroll down for details on how to win a copy.

Harvey Thomlinson, what are your top 5 tips for Hong Kongers and expats visiting Shenzhen?

  1. Culture in Shenzhen is thriving as grassroots creative enterprises are making their presence felt with far more cutting-edge shows and exhibitions. The OCT Loft is a great place to check out contemporary art and design. (Subway: OCT)
  2. Shenzhen offers a surprisingly sophisticated live music scene. At B10 – home to the annual OCT Jazz Festival –  you can check out everything from Japanese pop to avant-garde German electro. (Subway: OCT/Qiaocheng East.)
  3. The well preserved Ming Dynasty Dapeng Fortress, located about a 90 minute bus ride from Luo Wu, played a critical role in China’s coastal defence for centuries. (From Luohu, take a No. H92 or E11 bus to Dapeng City and then a taxi or local bus to Pengcheng Village.)
  4. Shenzhen has a number of scenic park such as Lotus Mountain Park, which is located right in the heart of the central Futian district. On Sunday mornings, the beautiful gardens are alive with kite flyers, troops of dancers, people playing badminton and old folk singing revolutionary songs. (subway Lianhua Mountain).
  5. Shenzhen’s native Hakka cuisine is the local fare and can be found in a host of local eateries such as Shekou’s unpretentiously named Hakka Restaurant. (Subway: Seaworld)

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