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NEWS – Ex-SCMP Editor & Student Protesters Appear At UK Inquiry Into Handover

Ex-South China Morning Post editor Jonathan Fenby and two students from the ‘Occupy the British Consulate‘ protest have appeared at the UK inquiry into the implementation of the 1984 Joint Agreement. The agreement gave rise to the Hong Kong’s 1997 handover from the British to China.

The students were invited to the UK after British MPs were barred from entering Hong Kong by the Chinese authorities. The unprecedented move sparked an ‘emergency debate’ in UK parliament.

0:00:34 Jonathan Fenby, Managing Director of China team at Trusted Sources and Editor of South China Morning Post, 1995–2000.
0:47:45 Tang Chi Tak, Student at Chinese University of Hong Kong & Hui Sin Tung, Student at University of Hong Kong.

BLOG – Umbrella Movement Lives On With The Rise of The ‘Shopping Revolution’ 5

Guest Post by Ellie Ng

Immediately after the Mongkok camp site was cleared out by police in late November, Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters started the “Shopping Revolution” by pretending to shop in busy districts, blocking the roads and exhausting the police force. Minor clashes between pretence (sometimes real) shoppers and police break out from time to time. Protesters take advantage of the difficulty in distinguishing real and pretence shoppers to confuse and provoke police, which have lost control in the handling of mass protests under numerous circumstances in recent months.

Below is a brief explanation of the rise of the “Shopping (aka Gauwu, #9wu in Cantonese) Revolution”:

Shopping Revolution hong kong

From “United for Democracy: Global Solidarity with Hong Kong” Facebook page

BLOG – Global Times vs. SCMP Editorials: Spot the Difference Quiz! 3

Pop quiz! Can you tell the difference between quotes from Global Times (“voice” of the Communist Party) and South China Morning Post editorials? All extracts relate to the Occupy movement. Click on the date-stamp for the answer!

Editors Hu Xijin vs Wang Xiangwei

Editors Hu Xijin vs Wang Xiangwei

Appropriate accompanying quiz music

“As the Occupy Central impasse drags on, those behind the civil disobedience movement find themselves under growing pressure to review their strategy. The ideas being considered are anything but constructive”

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 6/11/14 – click for answer. 

“Hong Kong’s rule of law has been severely challenged by street politics, which continues to haunt Hong Kong society.”

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 2/12/14 – click for answer. 

“There has been no precedent that the rule of law can stay unaffected when political chaos is taking place, and Hong Kong is no exception. Both Occupy Central and the incident yesterday show similar disregard for Hong Kong’s rule of law.”

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 20/11/14 – click for answer. 

“However lofty the goal, Occupy has not brought Hong Kong closer to democracy. Instead of being civilised and peaceful, the protests were marred by scuffles and clashes. “

Global Times or SCMP editorial? Published on 4/12/14 – click for answer. 

NEWS – Occupy British Consulate Protesters En Route to London to Speak at Inquiry

Two students who have been taking part in a protest outside the British consulate are travelling to London having been invited to speak by MPs at a committee hearing.

Photo via Occupy British Consulate HK

Photo via Occupy British Consulate HK

The Foreign Affairs Committee in Britain will hear from the pair as part of an inquiry examining the the implementation of the 1984 British-Sino Joint Declaration which gave rise to the 1997 Handover.

NEWS – Final Occupy Bastion Cleared as Causeway Bay Traffic Restored

Police dismantled the final umbrella movement Occupy encampment in Causeway Bay this morning. Traffic was restored around lunchtime as police made 20 arrests.

Protesters were given 30 minutes to pack up and leave. Most left the area, but around 17 people remained at a sit-in awaiting arrest.

BLOG – The Final Sit-in: A Textbook Reading of Peaceful Resistance

See also: Part One and Part Two of the Admiralty occupy camp clearance.

During the Admiralty occupy camp clearance, over two hundred protesters, students and pan-democratic lawmakers held a day-long peaceful sit-in near to the People’s Liberation Army headquarters.

At around 2pm, police warned that anyone refusing to leave the site would be liable for arrest.