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HELPERS – Justice for Erwiana: Donate Directly to Her & Protest on Sunday 4

Justice for Erwiana

Donate to Erwiana directly and protest this weekend!

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih is an Indonesian domestic worker who was allegedly tortured by her Hong Kong employer. She says her passport was illegally retained by Chan Recruitment Agency during her 8 month ordeal. (Images of Erwiana here).

  • Daily abuse: Erwiana says she was beaten daily, burned and allowed only 2 meals of plain bread and rice per day. She was allowed to sleep only between 1pm-5pm but not at night. An allergy on her hands and legs was exacerbated by the employer, who covered the wound with clothing when the smell was unbearable. She tried to complain to Chan Recruitment Agency a month into her ordeal – they said she must pay off her debt before they would listen. Another helper who previously worked with the same employer claims she had to beg for her life and was also severely abused.
  • Inaction from authorities: No-one has been arrested – the suspects are free to flee. The police cite ‘lack of evidence’ to detain the employer. The agency are still operating while Hong Kong authorities refused a request by HK Helpers Campaign to check upon the employer’s children and ensure their safety.
  • Escape: On January 10th, 2014,  Erwiana fled home to Java – she was barely able to walk and her body was ‘covered in cuts and burns‘ She returned home with under HK$70 (US$9) and remains in hospital.
  • How was this allowed to happen? Amongst many other factors, the abuse of domestic helpers is enabled by the 2-week rule and live-in rule. Read the HK Helpers Campaign comment in the SCMP.
  • Media coverage: South China Morning PostWall Street Journal, TIME, AFP, New York Times,
Erwiana in hospital in Java this week

Erwiana in hospital in Java this week