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PHOTOGRAPHY – Crazy Russian Climbers Scale Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers 6

Over 21 million people have watched Russians Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov climb the 2000+ ft Shanghai Tower on YouTube. During their adventures in Asia, they also paid a visit to Hong Kong for a spot of skyscraper ‘extreme free climbing’…

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‘NEWS’ – Hong Kong Announces Bid for 2022 Winter Olympics Amidst Cold Snap 3

More from the Sub-StandardBreaking ‘News’ from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: Hong Kong leader CY Leung has announced that the city will make a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. At a press conference this morning, he told reporters, “Wanchai is colder than Sochi right now and we’ve got money to burn so fuck it – we’ll apply.

Developers around the city are already bidding to transform Hong Kong’s infrastructure as the sub-tropical city competes against bids from Poland, Norway, Ukraine and Beijing. Tourism chief James Tien Pei-chu expects to attract up to 10 million extra visitors during the games, claiming that residents are “pleading to welcome more tourists.”

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Construction companies have been invited to submit proposals to redevelop the Peak Tram as a year-round ski slope…

POLITICS – Full Lowdown: 2 New Reports Slam Hong Kong Media Self-Censorship

Hong Kong enjoys a unique position in China with rule of law and freedom of speech enshrined in its mini-constitution. Media outlets based in the city therefore have an unrepresented opportunity to be Beijing’s ‘watchdogs’ and fulfil a role that would be impossible behind the Great Chinese Firewall where civil liberties are restricted. However, it appears that Hong Kong’s press have settled into a role of Beijing’s ‘lapdogs’ as opposed to ‘watchdogs’, with multiple reports lamenting the city’s declining journalistic freedom.

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Today, Hong Kong fell three places in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index. We are now 61st – behind Burkina Faso, Moldova and Haiti.  Also today, a scathing new analysis of Hong Kong’s ‘cancerous’ plague of self-censorship was published by the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York. As well as detailing physical attacks on journalists, it reveals how more than half of the city’s media owners have now accepted appointments to Beijing’s main political assemblies.

The CPJ states that media freedom is now at a “low point” with a 2013 HKU study showing that more than half of the public now believe the press self-censors.

POLITICS – New HK Documentary Follows Scholarism’s Joshua Wong

Lessons in Dissent‘ is a new Hong Kong documentary due for release this spring. Below is a rousing scene from the movie which follows student activist Joshua Wong who led the Scholarism protests of 2012…

Read Hong Wrong’s full lowdown of the national education protests – the city’s most significant uprising in recent years. The Scholarism rally attracted over 170,000 demonstrators and received international coverage, forcing CY Leung to back down on plans to impose the ‘patriotic’ education programme.

The documentary by British amateur filmmaker Matthew Torne’s film will premiere at the 2014 International Film Festival in March. 

BLOG – Viral Colonial Flag Olympic Hoax as Hong Kong Chillier Than Sochi 1

Hong Kong has just one athlete at the 2014 Sochi Olympics – a male short track speed skater named Pan-To Barton Lui. Unfortunately, his achievement was somewhat overshadowed by a convincing flag mix-up hoax. The screenshot below went viral today, no doubt to the delight of the post-80/90s protest movement…

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However, TVB and Oriental Daily reported that the image was – in fact – photoshopped…

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Lui grew up in Sai Wan Ho but moved to Vancouver as a teenager due to an absence of local training venues. There are also several officials attending as part of the Hong Kong delegation…

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