Daily Archives: March 9, 2014

POLITICS – Offensive or Hilarious? Hong Kong’s Most Confusing Anti-Mainlander Protest 10

Over 100 Hong Kongers marched through Mongkok’s pedestrianised shopping thoroughfare this afternoon wielding Little Red Books, Mao paintings, Chinese flags and dunce caps.

The ironic ‘parody protest’ was organised on Facebook and attracted almost as many reporters and police officers as participants.

“We encourage [mainlanders] to go back to their country to buy goods. This tourism is too much for Hong Kong people – if they really love their country, they should not come to Hong Kong and buy things not produced by China… We can set up an immigration tax. Secondly, we can set up a quota for incoming tourists” said Benton Yip, who denied the rally was xenophobic. “We love our country too!”