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PHOTOGRAPHY – So Lo Pun: HK’s Ancient ‘Haunted’ Abandoned Village 10

So Lo Pun 鎖羅盆 is arguably one of Hong Kong’s oldest, most ‘haunted’ and most rural abandoned villages.

Encircled by thick forest and beautiful mangroves, the name ‘So Lo Pun’ translates literally as ‘the compass is locked’. This is because hikers have supposedly reported that compasses tend to stop working when they enter the area.

There is evidence that the village had been inhabited since 872 AD but by the 1980s, it had been almost completely deserted.

POLITICS – ‘No Gays!’ Says HK’s International Christian School (And It’s Legal!) 56

International Christian School in Sha Tin has banned gay teachers, forcing staff to sign a ‘morality contract’ and a form which suggests sinners will be cast out like ‘heathens’.

The story was reported by Simon Parry in the China Daily, after an expatriate art teacher asked the school to clarify its stance. She received the following response from Admin & Recruitment Co-ordinator Sandy Burnett…

via China Daily